Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Overall Decline of Linfield FC - Part 2- The Official Site

The Official Site of Linfield FC has its moments, and some hard workers who put long hours into the club. Some of their interviews (despite the manager's buck-passing, something the web team can do nothing about) and match reports are excellent (see Gary Peebles interview).

However, there are many things that have gone on on it recently that have been unprofessional and downright embarrassing. The number of 'filler' items has gone beyond the cringeworthy stage. This week alone, we've had

Praise for


Advice from 2 supporters [to get behind the team on the back of 4 defeats]

This follows on from

100th defeat for DJ

One wonders if they'd be as quick to post and address criticism? Mr Conn's Chairmanship juggernaut rolls on unashamedly.

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