Thursday, September 4, 2008

Linfield 1 St. Pat's Athletic 1

Only got seeing the last 30 minutes of this one on TV (back in exile), glad I did. Bluenose told me the first half was fairly even; others said Pat's were more on top. Bad news reached me on my way to the pub: 1-0 down. What I did get seeing was most encouraging. We battered them, prompted by the efforts of the excellent Carvill (again, what a player he's turning out to be) an industrious Mulgrew, a battling Hagan, and a nuisance-factor in Miskimmon. Munster impressed greatly when he came on too. A couple of penalty appeals were turned away by the ever-awful Courtney, we hit the bar, had one cleared off the line, until a deflected shot by Mulgrew from a free gave us a deserved equaliser. We should be good for the semis now, a win against the Glens at home should do it.

Very encouraged now for the rest of the season, if DJ can only learn to hold up that '9' after an hour or earlier now, and Misky gets a fair crack of the whip, we should be good.

Downey away back to Cliftonville

This was the best news I've heard all season, made my night. I wouldn't criticise DJ here, I think he's been very clever about this: he identified a striker shortage (admittedly of his own doing) at the start of the season, played Downey in the hole behind Spike until such times as we got in striking options, then shipped him out. Well done, DJ.

And good riddance to an overweight, gurny, ballgreedy wee shite who has contributed next to nothing at Linfield.

Linfield 7 Institute 0

Great performance, good football, Carvill 3, Fergie 2, Miskimmon 2 after a great cameo, BJB great again, only poor player was Gault and Maccers who both weren't fit, poor crowd (1500ish), we stayed and got pissed in the VL. Lovely.