Saturday, October 25, 2008

2008/9 Clusterf*ck of a Season Continues

11.10.08 IPL Ballymena (3 points prior to game, worst team in league, 0 wins) 2 Linfield 0

18.10.08 IPL Linfield 0 Distillery 2

22.10.08 CIS QF Linfield 0 Dungannon Swifts 3

Jeffrey's on borrowed time, and his cringeworthy interviews, stubbornness, arrogance, and passing the buck fool no-one with 2 eyes in their head and half a brain. We've been saying it since the Clean Sweep season, and we're told to 'look at his record'. Well, his clinging on to past glories and the players that delivered them (Bailie, Spike, Winkie, legends in their own right, but so clearly done) has meant Jeffrey sacrificing a long-term long-lasting empire for short-term success. I've plenty more to say, but not now, I'm too sad and depressed. It could take a lot more clusterf*ck results like this before the Fat One is removed.

Never has the suspicion been more apt: In Spite Of, Not Because Of.

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