Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Glentoran 1 Linfield 2

IPL Matchday , Saturday 9th April 2011, The Oval

Scorers: Munster, Carvill

Match highlights (BBC)

Linfield play rotten for most of the match, Glens do a Linfield and sit back, Blues score 2 goals in the last 5 minutes to win. That must have really sickened Idiot Mittens, the Crues et al. Lucky Linfield. Haha.


1 Linfield 34 73
2 Crusaders 35 70

Monday, April 11, 2011

Glentoran 0 Linfield 2

Irish Cup semi, Saturday 9th April 2011, Windsor Park
Scorers: Tomelty, Thompson

Match highlights (BBC)

Two crackers. Another Irish Cup final.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Crusaders 0 Linfield 1

IPL Matchday something, Friday 1st April, Seaview
Scorer: Garrett

Match highlights (UTV)

First time for segregation, and seemed to galvanise the Blues support. International d*ckhead up to his usual cornerboy antics after the game, watch the video. No chance of him ever playing for the Blues now. Good.


1 Linfield 33 70
2 Crusaders 34 67
3 Glentoran 33 62

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Portadown 0 Linfield 4

IPL Matchday catch-up, Tuesday 22nd March 2011, Shamrock Park

Scorers: Gault 21, Murphy 35, McAllister 45, 86

Match highlights (BBC)

Now that's a bit more Protestant.


1 Linfield 32 67
2 Crusaders 32 64
3 Glentoran 32 59

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Linfield 2 Distillery 0

IPL Matchday 32, Sat 19th March 2011, Windsor

Scorers: Murphy, Thompson

Match highlights (BBC)


1 Linfield 31 64
2 Crusaders 32 64
3 Glentoran 32 59

Friday, March 18, 2011

Linfield 0 Coleraine 1

IPL Matchday 31, Saturday 12th March 2011, Windsor


Match highlights (BBC)

So DJ conspires to destroy a 12-point lead in just over a month. My time with DJ's Linfield ended once and for all when he brought back in O'Kane, Murphy (a fine example to others for his behaviour on NYE when he disobeyed instructions, got blocked and rolled into training still hammered, then was dropped for a game, then made captain, a fitting reward I'm sure you'll agree) and Douglas, 3 players who should have never played together again at the back after the clusterfuck IC semi vs the Reds in April 09. We ended up on Sat with 5 players who in all likelihood will not be at the club next season - throw in Tomelty and Munster - and this says it all about how clueless and directionless Fearless Leader is. Long-term strategy indeed.


1 Linfield 30 61
2 Crusaders 31 61
3 Glentoran 31 56

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dungannon 0 Linfield 2

Irish Cup Quarter Final, Saturday 5th March 2011, Stangmore Park
Scorers: Thompson 2

Match highlights (BBC)

Glens or Coleraine in semis.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dundalk 1 Linfield 1

Setanta Sports Cup, 28th February 2011, Oriel Park

Scorer: Gault

Match highlights - unlikely, unless Dundalk FC website filmed it

Linfield bow out of another Santa with a whimper. Murphy and O'Kane at the back, inspired.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Glenavon 2 Linfield 2

IPL Matchday 29, 26th February 2011, Mourneview Park

Scorers: Turkington OG, McAllister

Match highlights (BBC)

Jeffrey with another tactical masterpiece, us 2 up and cruising, he takes our 2 strikers off, plays 4-5-1 with a disinterested Munster up front, we screw it up. Genius.

1 Linfield 29 61
2 Crusaders 29 55
3 Cliftonville 30 51

Friday, February 25, 2011

Linfield 3 Dunmurry Rec 0

Irish Cup replay, Monday 21st Feb 2011, Windsor

Scorers: check the OS
Attendance: probably about 34, I've lost the will to live

Match highlights (BBC)

Linfield 1 Newry 1

Saturday 19th Feb, Windsor

Scorer: who cares anymore
Attendance: see above

Match highlights (BBC)

Table (after Glens 2-1 defeat to Crues on Mon 21st):

1 Linfield 28 60
2 Crusaders 28 52
3 Cliftonville 29 50
4 Glentoran 28 49

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Linfield 3 Dundalk 5

Setanta Cup 2011 Round 1, 14th February 2011, Windsor Park.

Scorers: Thompson, Garrett, Allen
Attendance: 1200

Match highlights - not yet online

An embarrassment which shows up how bad our league is, when we can walk it while being so crap, so slow, so ponderous, so naive, so inferior. Our tactics don't cut it in this tournament anymore.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Linfield vs Dundalk: Ways to follow for exiles

Radio commentary (Dundalk FM)

Live updates (Roy on the OS)

Linfield 1 Dunmurry Rec 1

Irish Cup 7th Round, Saturday 11th February 2011, Windsor Park

Scorer: Allen

Match highlights (BBC)

I was back in NI, but for various reasons, didn't bother going. Apparently Dunmurry put 10 men behind the ball, scored with their only chance, but we weren't good enough to break them down, so fair play to them. Bad result, DJ, in typically inspired move, brought on Bru McCaul for an injured player, only to substitute him half an hour later, superb man-management, he really knows how to build a young player's confidence. Remember this kid played for us last season (not sure about this) for nothing. Bravo.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Attendances to date (as of 4/2/11)

Ballymena 1888
Lisburn Distillery 1554
Coleraine 2032
Cliftonville 2475
Portadown 2429
Newry 1468
Crusaders 2088
Donegal Celtic 1349
Dungannon Swifts 1488
Crusaders 1553
Glentoran 5177
Glenavon 1410
Ballymena 2104

Which makes a 2010/11 average (so far) of 2093.
- It would be more, only for the amount of midweek and Friday games we have played
- Glens total down by ca. 2k due to weather postponement
- Still poor figures

Dungannon Swifts 0 Linfield 4

IPL Matchday 27, Saturday 5th February 2011, Stangmore Park

Scorers: Hanley (on debut), Mulgrew, Gault, Allen
Attendance: 890

Match highlights (BBC)

More like it Blues, at a difficult ground.


1 Linfield 27 59
2 Crusaders 27 49
3 Glentoran 25 45

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Linfield dismiss Verona’s £10k offer for Munster

Linfield dismiss Verona’s £10k offer for Munster

Linfield have rejected a ‘ridiculous’ deadline day offer from an Italian club for striker Paul Munster.

Hellas Verona, who play in Italy’s third tier, are understood to have tabled a surprise £10,000 bid for goal-getter Munster, but he won’t be going anywhere until the end of the season.

The offer was swiftly turned down by the Windsor Park club — even though they already know that the player will leave in the summer for nothing.

Verona play in the third tier of Italian football and with the transfer window closing last night they and Munster will now have to wait for another six months before they are able to clinch a deal — although he could sign a pre-contract in the meantime.

“We were approached completely out of the blue by an agent who said Paul was wanted by an Italian club,” revealed Jeffrey.

“They put an offer in to us that wasn’t just derisory, it was pathetically ridiculous.

“We don’t want to stand in the way of any player, but we have got to think of the club first.

“Paul has made it known that he sees his future away from Linfield and as his long-term girlfriend lives in Sweden I can understand that, but he is 18 months into a two-year contract.”

Jeffrey has faced deadline day sniping for his players in the past, mainly when Queens Park Rangers were trying to sign Peter Thompson five years ago.

“For some bizzare reason this happens to us all the time at the end of transfer windows,” said Jeffrey.

Munster has been something of a globetrotter throughout his career. He previously played his football in Canada, Sweden and the Czech Republic before signing for Linfield in August 2008.

Almost half of Munster’s 102 appearances for Linfield have come as a substitute, but he has still managed to score 33 goals for the Blues.

What a mad story. This rejection is:

Good: - If one of our strikers gets hurt, we'll need him as back-up.
- He scores goals in big games
- Winning the league is worth a lot more to us than 10k

Bad: - He's away at the end of the season anyway
- He's hardly getting a look-in
- We've denied the lad a big chance

Monday, January 31, 2011

Hanley signs for Linfield

Nathan Hanley moves to Linfield from Ballymena United (BBC)

Linfield have signed midfielder Nathan Hanley from Ballymena United in a two-and-a-half year deal.

The 20-year-old was placed on the transfer list by United after being the subject of inquiries from Linfield and Big Two rivals Glentoran.

Hanley signed a two-and-a-half year contract on the same day as Linfield host Ballymena at Windsor Park.

He started his career as a Linfield apprentice before moving to England with Hull City.

Bit of a mystery this one. He can play left mid, but his preferred position is centre mid. Can't be right. Jeffrey would never buy a centre mid and play him out wide. Erm...

Oh, and the latest is that we intend to play him at left-back. And that Tomelty doesn't want to leave now. Our squad is far too big.

Linfield 0 Ballymena 0

IPL Matchday 26, Saturday 29th January 2011, Windsor

Attendance: 2104

Match 'highlights'(BBC)

More turgid pish as the Blues stagger to their 50th title. Glens win at Whites to close gap.


1 Linfield 26 56
2 Crusaders 26 46
3 Glentoran 24 44

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Linfield 1 Glenavon 0

IPL Matchday 25, Tuesday 25th January 2010, Windsor Park
Scorer: Michael Gault
Attendance: 1410

Match highlights (UTV)

- Blues play poorly and win, sign of champions
- Blues go 12 clear (Crues won)
- Gault on fire at the moment
- Terrible crowd by all accounts


1 Linfield 25 55
2 Crusaders 25 43
3 Glentoran 23 41

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cliftonville 2 Linfield 4

IPL Matchday 24, Saturday 22nd January 2011, Solitude

Scorers: Lowry, Thompson 2, Kane
Attendance: 1737 (575 Bluemen)

Match highlights (BBC)

Match report and photos (Analogue Boy, ie ABIADW)

A great win, long overdue up there, about time we won on a 3G pitch and which puts us 11 clear, what with the Glens match being postponed. Although judging by this picture, maybe ours should have been abandoned too.


1 Linfield 24 52
2 Glentoran 23 41
3 Cliftonville 24 40

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Linfield 2 Glentoran 1

IPL Matchday 23 (not really, rearranged from 27/12), Tuesday 18th January, Windsor Park

Scorers: Thompson, McAllister
Attendance: 5177

Match highlights (UTV)

- Blues go 8 clear despite poor performance
- Jeffrey with usual bizarro starting 11 (Winkie? Curran?), subs (Garrett off?) and negative holding-on tactics
- Thompo's 1st league goal vs Glens at Windsor, Mac's 1st goal vs Glens
- Match braodcast live on BBc internet, Chris Morgan a good knowledgeable summariser


1 Linfield 23 49
2 Glentoran 23 41
3 Cliftonville 23 40
4 Crusaders 24 40

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tomelty Transfer Request Granted; Transfer rumours

DJ - Jamie Tomelty transfer request granted

Tbh I've seen very little of him, though I'm reliably informed he is infuriatingly inconsistent; is played out of position at LM; and apparently doesn't see eye-to-eye with DJ. It seems being dropped for an Irish Cup match against junior opposition is the final straw. Another 10k wasted; he will surely be remembered for this screamer against the Glens at the Oval.

In other news, Blues linked with Sean Ward of the Glens and Donnelly of Crusaders. We don't need the former, he wouldn't come anyway, and I'm not convinced by the latter.

Linfield 5 Institute 1

Irish Cup 5th Round, Saturday 15th January 2011, Windsor Park

Scorers: Lowry 4, Kane

Match highlights (bbc)

Next round: away to either Kilmore Rec or Dunmurry Rec.

NB Winkie was captain and was brought off near the end, the manner of which (big hug from DJ etc) suggesting to many fans that it was his farewell.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jeffrey agrees new Blues deal

Jeffrey agrees new Blues deal

MANAGER David Jeffrey has agreed an extended contract with Linfield.
Now in his 14th year at the club, Jeffrey signed a new one year 'rolling contract' which will keep him at Windsor Park until the summer of 2012.

The arrangement will kick-in with immediate affect – replacing his current deal.

"I'm thrilled to have the contract issued settled – and delighted with the terms and conditions," said Jeffrey.

"I appreciate they way the team committee – Paul Weir, Jim Kerr, Jack
Grundie, Richard Johnston and Billy Kennedy, conducted the business.

"It means I can now concentrate on on-field matters. I've been at the club for 14 years and have enjoyed every minute of it.

"Although I've been blessed with great success, you can never afford to
rest on your laurels.

"I've have good people around me – the players; backroom staff; the board and, of course, the supporters.

"I'm as hungry as ever. My focus now is on the Irish Cup tie against Institute on Saturday."

A massive favourite with the fans, Jeffrey has won the league title on seven occasions – and also hoisted the Irish Cup five times.

Linfeld, of course, are the only Irish League club to have won the Setanta Cup – their success back in 2005 is one of Jeffrey's many memorable achievements.

"We are delighted the talks, that have been on-going, have proved productive," said a Linfeld source.

"David is not only the manger but probably the club's top supporter – a
dyed in wool Blueman. He was happy with the new arrangement and a new
one year rolling deal."

Jeffrey has led the club to four domestic league and cup doubles over the past five seasons – and has bagged 22 trophies overall in his 14 years at Windsor Park.

The Blues are currently fve points clear in the Carling Premier League title race. The Gibson Cup is again the priority as the club celebrates its 125 anniversary this season.


- It gives the club continuity
- he can't blackmail the club in an underhand fashion as he did in 2008, if the club ever brings itself to sack him, the most they need to pay is 1 year of a contract


- we may still be top of the league, but our form is stinking, and it looks like a reward for mediocrity and being ever-so-slightly better than the rank bad Glens in 2nd
- Linfield FC clearly have 1 rule for the manager and 1 rule for the players. Why can't we treat our players' contracts in the same fashion?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Addis off on loan to Whites

Linfield keeper Stuart Addis joins Distillery on loan

Lisburn Distillery have signed goalkeeper Stuart Addis on loan from Linfield until the end of the season.

No great loss were it not for the fact that it leaves us dangerously short of cover in the event of Blayney getting injured. AFAIK, we only have 18 year-old rookie keepers in reserve now. Either DJ is getting another loan keeper in, or this is a poor move. It's not as if Addis is going to get on ahead of Matthews at Distillery when fit anyway.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

William Murphy - On the way out?

William Murphy fined and put on Linfield transfer list

Linfield defender William Murphy has been fined and put on the transfer list for what the club described as a breach of discipline at the weekend.

In a statement on Wednesday, Linfield said Murphy's suspension from the club had been lifted and he would resume training on Thursday.

Details of the breach were not revealed and the club said the case was closed.

Long-serving Murphy said he accepted the disciplinary action and regretted his "unacceptable behaviour."

"I wish to apologise unreservedly and most sincerely to the manager, players, staff, board and supporters," said Murphy on the club's website.

"At present my only aim is to attempt to repay the loyalty, support, kindness and goodwill that has been given to me since I arrived at Linfield from Ards in September 1997.

"I was totally in the wrong and I fully regret my actions."

It is believed that the club are considering placing the 36-year-old on the transfer list.

"William has been a great servant of the club but unfortunately there was a breach of discipline," said Jeffrey.

More on this:


Bel Tel

Disappointing, but 3 points to be made:

- He should have been shown the door at the end of last season. His recent performances have been shocking, by all accounts. He's well past his best
- A certain other player was with him on NYE, but called in sick next day. Time to show the door to him as well.
- A certain manager missed a flight to an away fixture on one occasion due to excess alcohol consumption. Did he fine himself or resign? No chance.

Linfield 3 Crusaders 1

Matchday 22, Tuesday 4th January 2011, Windsor Park

Scorers: McAllister, Thompson 2
Attendance: 1533

Match highlights (UTV)

- Blues and Crues fans were segregated in the Kop, which apparently made for a much better atmosphere and demands for more of the same.
- Glens lose 3-1 at Coleraine, putting us back 5 clear


1 Linfield 22 46
2 Glentoran 22 41
3 Cliftonville 22 39

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

JP Gallagher leaves Linfield for Dungannon Swifts

JP Gallagher leaves Linfield for Dungannon Swifts

Defender JP Gallagher has rejoined former club Dungannon Swifts after parting company with Linfield.

Then 28-year-old joined the Blues two years ago but has left the club after being informed that he required further surgery on a troublesome knee problem.

Gallagher will be available to play in Tuesday night's basement battle against Donegal Celtic but Craig McClean and Ryan Mullan remain suspended.

Timmy Adamson, Ryan McIlmoyle and Adam McMinn are all ruled out with injuries.

Linfield boss David Jeffrey said the decision to release Gallagher had been made after "long and painstaking consultations and advice from the medical professionals".

"Given the nature of the injury JP sustained, it is just not possible for him to continue to meet the demands of playing, sometimes twice a week and training usually three times a week for Linfield.

"We have tried giving him periods of rest and just using him for matches only, but it has just proven too demanding for him."

Gallagher explained how he came to the difficult decision to leave Windsor Park.

"Nobody at Linfield came to me and put me under any pressure to leave.

"I spoke to Terry Hayes (Linfield physio) and I had the option of undergoing more surgery - the surgeon wasn't 100% sure it would help but he would have been willing to give it a go if I had wanted.

"I just wouldn't feel right if Linfield were paying for an operation on the off chance that it might be successful and I might be able to train properly and play again.

"Not only would the club be paying wages but they would have been out the expense of an operation - with no guarantee of any return on that outlay.

"I therefore made the approach to Linfield and basically said that I didn't feel I was worth the wages or the expense of another uncertain operation.

"At Linfield it is essential to train on a Thursday night to prove fitness for Saturday games but I was basically never going to be able to train on a Thursday and then be able to play on a Saturday.

"The club has given me all the time, help and support that they possibly could have done," said Gallagher.

Best of luck. Have to say, a waste of money.