Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Derry City 3 Linfield 0

Setanta Cup Matchday 6

So that was that then. Our fine Setanta record destroyed in the space of 2 weeks. Our first non-qualification. Dire's first win over us. Glentoran's first Santa progression. All most depressing. Watched it in the pub in Liverpool. I was the only one, fortunately.

Tonight showed us up finally for the average side that we are. We were second best all night long. The fact I thought we well deserved it and that we didn't play that badly says it all.

We just have too many journeymen players and off-form regulars. Let's be honest, Carvill aside, our injured players would have made little difference.

We are suffering the side effects of

1. Too many aging players in key positions
2. Too many new players expected to integrate too soon, and
3. The lack of players to glue the two together

Let's be clear here. Noel, Winkie and Spike may well win another Irish League, but they're done, despite Noel's many last-gasp interceptions (most bailing out the woeful Harkness) and Spike being our only real footballer.

Gault cannot be fit. A shadow of the player I saw in Zagreb.
O'Kane should never play LM for us again.
Harkness was very very poor.
Munster was anonymous.
Noel and Winkie are too slow nowadays, we were pulled apart tonight by quick interplaying strikers (Farren and Morrow were excellent).

Other than that, I thought we played ok, considering. Curran didn't do much wrong; I still think he's too slow to make a difference. Maccers at least tried to make things happen. Garrett was the only player who excited me when on the ball. Hagan was just ok.

I'm a bit depressed right now. Time for more alcohol.

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