Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Linfield 3 Limavady U 0

Windsor Park, 29th September 2007

Team: Mannus, Ervin, McShane, Mulgrew, Lindsay (Murphy 46), Bailie, Gault, Ferguson, Curran (O'Kane 60), Thompson, Stewart (Mouncey 46)

Scorers: Ferguson 2, O'Kane

I missed this one as I was at a stag do in Cologne, so I'll leave the analysis to the trusty East Belfast Blues, whose opinions I nearly always agree with (except O'Kane!):

Didn't get out of second gear, with the first half again proving that we can't play 4-3-3. STOP ****ING PLAYING IT!Second half was better, depsite the opposition being poor.Mouncey again made the difference, time for Tim to start.


Thomas Stewart (why was he subbed )
Michael Gault... the Gaulty of two seasons ago, outstanding
Jamie Mulgrew... hopefully he's alright, he's been fantastic lately
The return of Winkie, depsite not having an awful lot to do
O'Kane's goal Why the **** isn't he starting ahead of Curran
Tim Mouncey. When he's on we play football, he seems to be back to his best
Spike... magnifco


4-3 f***ing 3... time to knock it on the head
Pat McShane's passing
Damien Curran... i'm sorry, but he really is woeful, how does he get on ahead of O'Kane
Stupid substitutions, which led to us finishing with 10 men.

3 points and job done, but we can play a lot better than and will have to throughout the course of the season.

Highlights thanks to Mitchell Ali here:

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