Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cliftonville 2 Linfield 2

Irish Premier League

Solitude, Monday 24th September 2007

Linfield: Mannus, Ervin, McShane, Gault, Lindsay, Mulgrew, McAreavey (O'Kane 90), Dickson (Mouncey 52), Ferguson, Stewart, Bailie. Subs not used : Douglas, Murphy, McCann

Goalscorers: Ferguson (57), Stewart (72)

The author managed to become an Exile for this game, the IPL's first ever live on Sky Sports, once more despite having a ticket by 'misplacing' his passport and thus missing his flight on the morning of the game :cry: So it was a friendly Irish pub in the centre of Berlin for me (I was the only one watching)...

Here's my thoughts:

Watching it on TV on your own, away from your sphere of influence, certainly seems to have an effect on your perception of the game.

I thought Spike was one of our better players, but agree with DGIG as I said on Sunday, we still relied on the hoofball FAR too much, and unless DJ changes the way he thinks about things like tactics, we're in big trouble once Spike goes.

I thought Gault was terrible, I texted Bluenose at HT with the phrase 'Gault is not a footballer', his passing is simply atrocious, and I swore I saw him knock the ball too far once last night so he he could tackle it to his fellow player, his best pass, I felt.

Maccers was decent, he's still the only one to put the foot on the ball and (at least try to) pick out a through ball and pass, contrast Cliftonville's passing cutting us open at will in the 1st half, with our laboured efforts.

Dicko is way off the boil. McShane had a shocking first half, a bit better in the second, but his set pieces and play were terrible, what must O'Kane be thinking?

And Noel... was poor. As with O'Kane, Winkie must be scratching his head.

Liked the look of Tommy up front, both our goals were well-worked. I was disappointed we didn't win as well. Their first? Mannus maybe at fault, but it was a wicked inswinger, a cracking free-kick. And I wouldn't blame Mannus for the 2nd, their sub came on and no-one seemed to notice him or pick him up.

I thought it was a great advert for the IL. Can't comment on the singing though, only Oirish/ folk music in Berlin for me.

Highlights here:

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