Sunday, October 28, 2007

Linfield 5 Distillery 1

CIS League Cup Quarter Final, Windsor Park, Tuesday 23rd October 2007


Mannus, Douglas (Ervin 72), McShane (McCann 72), Gault, Murphy, Mouncey, Ferguson, Lindsay (Bailie 62), O’Kane, Thompson, Dickson Subs not used : Stewart, Hogan

Scorers: Ferguson 2 (1 Pen), Thompson, Gault (!), Murphy (!!)

Attendance: est. 500 (45 Whites fans)

Far and away our best performance of the season, as we took the surprise team of the season apart, with quick, incisive passing football. We played some great stuff, one-twos, give and gos, we looked hungry, very encouraging. It has to be said though that the Whites came to play football and thus gave us the time and space to do our thang.

A big big mention to Beckenbauer Murphy and the white Vieira! 4 of our goals were top drawer, I only managed to film Thompson's goal (oue second):

Unfortunately it looks like Ali didn't record the game. Shame, we'll not get to see re-runs of Gault scoring with his LEFT, Spike's great shot after a nice move, nor Winkie's Tony Adams-esque burst through the middle, lovely one-two, then control in the box and finish with the outside of his foot, sublime.

Shows what a passenger Maccers has unfortunately become, and how awesome we could be with everyone back Terrible crowd, though playing it on the same night as Rangers - Barcelona on the telly was a stupid move. Even more stupid is the fact that the semi, vs Newry at Mourneview, is on the same night as the corresponding fixture. The words piss-up and brewery spring to mind.

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