Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Contract Update

The following players received new contracts for next season:

Noel Bailie 1 year
Steven Douglas 1 year
Stephen Garrett 1 year
Glenn Ferguson 1 year
Aidan O'Kane 2 years
Tim McCann 1 year

Personally, I'm not sure about the last three. I'd have given O'Kane 1 year, for me, he's only a replacement at best at both LB and LM; I don't think McCann is good enough, and I'm sure there must be a better LB out there; and I'd have let Ferguson go, or just given him some kind of coaching position. I'm surprised Garrett signed a new contract. It's clear that DJ loves Ferguson and pretty much played him every time he was fit last season, except for the Setanta games (and then played him in the final, shitting on the admirable Tommy Stewart from a great height) and will probably continue to do so next season, leaving the ambitious Garrett as continuing to be minimum fifth-choice striker at the Park, behind Ferguson, Thompson, Stewart, Dickson (sixth if we count Adamson). I think playing Ferguson will hold good ambitious strikers at our club back, and I can only hope DJ resists Spike's ego and makes good on his alleged promise to make Tommy Stewart one of our 2 main centre-forwards next season, otherwise I can see Tommy going elsewhere, something we will regret in the medium to long term.

Mark Magennis was released by the club after struggling for fitness, and Greg Shannon had a tranfer request accepted. Best of luck to both for the future, and hope the former doesn't come back to haunt us...

In other news, Winkie Murphy and Paul MacAreavey were arrested by Spanish police for bieng in possession of counterfeit Euros while on a stag do. Not good news.

On the dark side, another comedy week, as Glenturd appointed a new manager, only to turn around 2 days later and tell him he wasn't their new boss after all, as he didn't have the necessary coaching badges, and Glenturd couldn't have entered Europe with him in charge; so they've appointing inexperienced first-team coach Allan McDonald as their new manager instead. Happy days, you really couldn't make this stuff up!

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