Thursday, May 10, 2007

Classless FC

Unnoticed by many, but not the greater ILF community, was the presence of various Glentoran players at the Irish Cup Final on Saturday. No problem with that, you might say, and normally I'd agree. But what if the Glentoran player in question was a half-time PITCH INVADER? To wit (thanks to aquascrotum for the pics):

The evidence is tenuous enough, but Glenmen have confirmed that it was their left-back, Kyle Neill, was dressed as Osama for a bit of 'zany' 'japery'. In addition, Bluemen were warned that Neill, his drinking buddy Gary Hamilton and their clique had something like this planned, a week in advance, so it was most definitely not a case of drunken hi-jinks.

The action itself was harmless enough, one of the three came up to the Bluemen in the Kop and bared his ass, but most just found it funny. That's not the point, though. It just shows the depths to which Glentoran FC, aka Classless FC, have plunged.

Can you imagine an opposing player from any other league in the world staging a pitch invasion at the nation's premier footballing occasion? John Arne Riise bouncing onto Wembley next weekend at half-time during the Chelsea-United match and running around with a mask on? And even worse, getting away with it? As yet, no statement from Glentran has been forthcoming. Then again, that's no surprise from a club that allows its manager to say to HIS OWN SUPPORTERS 'Ask yer ma' when questioned about what's going wrong with the team, and who has a whole score of embarrassing actions this season alone.

What's even funnier though, is that Neill, or one of his cronies, find nothing wrong with what they did, in fact, think they lit up the cup final and did their club no harm in the process! To wit, here is Neill/a pal of Neill's on ILF, under the pseudonym of 'batman', defending himself:

lighten up you sound like a boring know it all!! the irish league needs a few characters! (i bet your some crack) so if it was neill well done, i was there it was brill!!!!!!!!!

9 pages on kyle Neill. All you guys should wise up. The cup final is always a bit of crack everyone there for a day out a drink and a laugh! so what if he runs about with mask on? hes got sum balls to do it anyway. i duno about you guys but i was in absolute tears laughing at the three nut cases! all you guys are just ones who dont like the windy millar set up. to tell ya the truth i think that was one of the funniest things this country has saw in a long time. go take a chill pill!

there was no harm done, no one was hurt and people laughed. Starting up another convo about getting children interested in football is a different matter and trying to use Kyle Neill as a scape goat is useless. Children will want to play football regardless. if you really wana get children involved in irish league football go set up irish league youth teams at all clubs not just the big 2. I do honestly think clubs in this country do nothing for the youth in this country, look at the way the GAA is set up and the following it gets!!!

Remember, this is a paid employee of Glentoran, representing Glentoran in public, who did this LIVE on TV. It gets better: he's officially injured at the moment, yet on Saturday, he had to leap a 2-metre moat to get onto the pitch! You couldn't make it up!

Pat McGibbon called Glentoran 'Ragarse Rovers' upon leaving them last season, and never has a description been more apt. Just to show you that such a lack of class and notion of professionalism runs right throughout the club, here's a picture of the Glens management signing their sponsorship contract with Danepak:

And this went on their official site! Classless FC - Always In Our Shadow.


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20 bangers on Henry in a KKK outfit at the Cup final!

Comedy gold, japes for supper!

15BDAC said...

Just checked out the website today. Keep up the good work.

Look forward to next season, when the momentum builds, with more posts and stories.

Absolutely devastated about Windy`s sacking.

2nd place (8 points behind the champions, who beat them to win the league) and a League Cup win is a "good season" according to him.

Strange, that`s the exact same as Man United last season, and Fergie described it as a crap season.

Shows how small-time the Glens are.

Here`s to 3 in a row