Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust

This week saw the demise of Paul Millar, Glentoran's ill-starred manager, the second manager David Jeffrey has seen off in 15 months.

Millar's tenure, in Linfield fans' eyes, will be remembered for the following:

1. "We scored one, we scored two, we scored 6 more goals than you"
2. The 2-1 2006 Cup final win to complete the Clean Sweep, the first time we'd beaten the Glens in the Cup Final since 1945.
3. Various rants and foolish boasts in the local press, suggesting that there had been a sea change in IL football, that the IFA sponsored Linfield, etc etc.
4. Dodgy allegations regarding his private life.
5. The 'Ask yer ma' rant at a Glentoran fan at Distillery.
6. This classic video, including the immortal line 'Our main aim this season was to stop Linfield winning the Clean Sweep, and we've done that':

DJ's record against Millar should have been better, the 0-0 at Windsor in the league at the tail end of the 05/06 season was the first match I can remember where the Glens failed to register a single shot on target; though I thought we were lucky on Boxing Day 2006. Millar's solitary win was on penalties in the semi-final of the CIS last season; it was to be his last.

Here's the record:

DJ: P9 W4 D4 L1 F17 A 8

28/02/06 SC (a) 3-3
03/04/06 SC (h) 6-0
15/04/06 IL (h) 0-0
06/05/06 ICF (n) 2-1

07/11/06 LC (h) 0-0 (3-4 pens)
26/12/06 IL (h) 1-1
05/03/07 SC (h) 1-1
14/04/07 IL (a) 2-1
17/04/07 SC (a) 2-1

Millar will be missed by Bluemen. The Glens were a mess with him at the helm.

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17 Boxing Days And Counting said...

You left out 14th April 2007 in the highlights.

What a day.

For the stats, Millar was on the losing side at Windsor as manager of Newry on NYE 2005.

He made an arse on himself that day as well.

Before the game, we were unbeaten and hew was in the papers about how Newry would end our run.

Oh well.

Fast forward 364 days and we`re walking out of Seaview after a 3-2 win against Crusdaers with Radio Ulster playing on the speakers.

The Glens were drawing 2-2 with Portadown but then the Ports scored to win 3-2.

The roar was as loud as for our goals.

I knew then the title would be ours.

I keep hoping that Millar will be reinstated, on one condition ....... he has to work with Tommy Cassisdy as part of a dream team.