Friday, March 18, 2011

Linfield 0 Coleraine 1

IPL Matchday 31, Saturday 12th March 2011, Windsor


Match highlights (BBC)

So DJ conspires to destroy a 12-point lead in just over a month. My time with DJ's Linfield ended once and for all when he brought back in O'Kane, Murphy (a fine example to others for his behaviour on NYE when he disobeyed instructions, got blocked and rolled into training still hammered, then was dropped for a game, then made captain, a fitting reward I'm sure you'll agree) and Douglas, 3 players who should have never played together again at the back after the clusterfuck IC semi vs the Reds in April 09. We ended up on Sat with 5 players who in all likelihood will not be at the club next season - throw in Tomelty and Munster - and this says it all about how clueless and directionless Fearless Leader is. Long-term strategy indeed.


1 Linfield 30 61
2 Crusaders 31 61
3 Glentoran 31 56

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