Tuesday, January 4, 2011

JP Gallagher leaves Linfield for Dungannon Swifts

JP Gallagher leaves Linfield for Dungannon Swifts

Defender JP Gallagher has rejoined former club Dungannon Swifts after parting company with Linfield.

Then 28-year-old joined the Blues two years ago but has left the club after being informed that he required further surgery on a troublesome knee problem.

Gallagher will be available to play in Tuesday night's basement battle against Donegal Celtic but Craig McClean and Ryan Mullan remain suspended.

Timmy Adamson, Ryan McIlmoyle and Adam McMinn are all ruled out with injuries.

Linfield boss David Jeffrey said the decision to release Gallagher had been made after "long and painstaking consultations and advice from the medical professionals".

"Given the nature of the injury JP sustained, it is just not possible for him to continue to meet the demands of playing, sometimes twice a week and training usually three times a week for Linfield.

"We have tried giving him periods of rest and just using him for matches only, but it has just proven too demanding for him."

Gallagher explained how he came to the difficult decision to leave Windsor Park.

"Nobody at Linfield came to me and put me under any pressure to leave.

"I spoke to Terry Hayes (Linfield physio) and I had the option of undergoing more surgery - the surgeon wasn't 100% sure it would help but he would have been willing to give it a go if I had wanted.

"I just wouldn't feel right if Linfield were paying for an operation on the off chance that it might be successful and I might be able to train properly and play again.

"Not only would the club be paying wages but they would have been out the expense of an operation - with no guarantee of any return on that outlay.

"I therefore made the approach to Linfield and basically said that I didn't feel I was worth the wages or the expense of another uncertain operation.

"At Linfield it is essential to train on a Thursday night to prove fitness for Saturday games but I was basically never going to be able to train on a Thursday and then be able to play on a Saturday.

"The club has given me all the time, help and support that they possibly could have done," said Gallagher.

Best of luck. Have to say, a waste of money.

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