Saturday, March 1, 2008

Newry 1 Linfield 1

Irish Cup Quarter-Final, Newry Showgrounds, Saturday 1st March 2008

Team: Mannus, Ervin, O’Kane, Gault, Murphy, McAreavey, Mouncey (Mulgrew 83), Kearney (Curran 74), Thompson, Ferguson, Bailie Subs not used : Douglas, Downey, Stewart

Scorer: Ferguson (8th minute)

So Linfield survive for a replay with a very poor performance, as reflected in the comments:

Simply not good enough.

Someything needs to change ASAP.

We are struggling to attack today and fatboy makes two subsitutions that are hardly going to change a game. It is your fucking tactics dickhead you need to change. Not man for man.


Mannus- Little to do

Ervin- Crap
Winkie- Given the run around
Bailie- See Winkie
O'Kane- See Ervin

Mouncey- I've been calling for him to be in the team for weeks, then he goes and puts in a display like that?
Gault- Our best player again, and even he wasn't that good
Maccers- WTF? Swifts, now!
Kearney- Looked unfit, looked unhappy

Ferguson- Battled hard, behind Gault for MOM.
Thompson- Rubbish. Learn how to shoot first time.

Subs didn't get long enough to impress.

DJ- Sort yerself out, ffs. You're the manager, you're paid to manage and make changes when it matters. Once again, he stood there with no idea how to win the game. Stevie wonder could have made the subs today, ffs. Maccers done nothing, other than want to fight with Collins (commendable, but not what we need ) yet he plays 90 mins? Thompson, despite his work and effort, was once again poor...

Tommy Stewart must love Linfield.

It's this last comment which is most pertinent for me, especially considering that at Winkie's testimonial dinner at the Hilton that night, even Jackie Fullerton commented that Tommy Stewart must start, despite Spike's goal.

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