Friday, March 21, 2008

Distillery 0 Linfield 0

IPL, Ballyskeagh, Saturday 15th March 2008

Team: Mannus, Ervin (Douglas 46), Bailie, Murphy, McShane (McCann 64), Gault, Mulgrew, Kearney (Dickson), Stewart, Ferguson, Thompson

Yet another inept display away from home that sees us surrender our lead at the top of the table, as Cliftonville, in true title-winning fashion, win another scrappy game by the odd goal. I'm pretty pessimistic about our chances now, especially as we have to go to Coleraine on Easter Tuesday, place where we always find it difficult. For what it's worth, here's how Bluenose and EBB saw it:

I thought we played 4-4-2! With stewart on the right???

The pitch was awful and wasnt a game for Stewart to be stuck out in right midfield.

Mannus - Good double save.

Ervin - Rubbish. Was he injured or did DJ also think he was rubbish?
Winkie - Done what was needed
Bailie - Passing is fucking shocking.
McShane - Why? No good enough anymore.

Stewart - Not the best of games but his postion and tactics employed by fatboy stop tommy from playing any sort of football.
Mulgrew - Great game from him. MOTM
Gault - Did ok.
Kearney - Not his sort of game. Was pretty much 'missing'

Thompson - Again 'Missing' but down to tactics?
Spike - Played well.

DJ's subs were puzzling. Who was the other subs?

my opinion about Saturday is...

S***e, absolute f*****g s***e!

Jeffrey yet again got things totally wrong, with his initial team selection.

McCann and Douglas both should have started, yet find themselves on the bench?

The players that where selected though, should have been good enough and failed to deliver. Fun times at Ballyskeagh *rolleyes*

Great photos as always from Thompo on SSS.

League table looks like this:

1 Cliftonville 24 18 5 1 49 20 59 29
2 Linfield 24 18 4 2 56 17 58 39
3 Glentoran 24 17 4 3 56 22 55 34

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