Monday, August 27, 2007

Winkie Murphy Testimonial Match

Linfield Legends 3 Digger's Select 0

As part of Winkie Murphy's Testimonial year, a match was organised at Paisley Park up the Shankill yesterday. A team of Linfield Legends triumphed 3-0 over an IL Seniors select.

I got the bus up there with the Raven club, a couple of wee drinks on the way to warm me up. There were about 3-400 there, I'm terrible at crowd estimates; bouncy castles and football for the kids, burger van, beer and Magner's at cheap prices.

It was great to see so many Linfield heroes on display, among others:

Wes Lamont
Alan Dornan
John Garett
Jeff Spiers
Tommy McDonald
Tony Gorman
Pat Fenlon
Martin McGaughey
Stephen Beatty
Philip Mitchell
John Easton (though he never played :( )

And Digger's side had some household IL names, including Billy Caskey, Ray Morrison, Paul Kee, Davy Nixon, Surgeon etc.

The years and the pounds have caught up with a few, it was only 30 minutes each way, and Linfield had the better younger fitter performers (including Spiersy, still not retired at 39, and Tony Gorman looking as sharp and fit as ever) but some good football was played; as we said there, they've all still got it in their heads, it's just the bodies can't correspond.

Unfortunately I missed filming the first half action, and my camera can only take films, so no photos. McGaughey had a brilliant bicycle kick saved by Kee (eejit, should have let it in) and Phil Mitchell opened the scoring with the best goal of the day, a 25-yard screamer.

Second half goals here:

Number 2, finished by Tony Gorman

Number 3, finished by a mate of Winkie's?

After the game, most retired to the Pony Club, where a cabaret was held, ballot, auction, singsong etc. We stayed in front to watch the Utd- Spurs game, then mosied in after. Lots of players and fans in attendance. I can't remember too much of the night. Wrote. Great day though, and apparently lots of money was raised for Winkie, so happy days.

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