Saturday, August 25, 2007

Glenavon 0 Linfield 1

CIS Group stages, Friday 24th August 2007

Mannus, Ervin, O'Kane, Murphy, Lindsay, McAreavey ( Mulgrew ) , Gault, Mouncey ( Ferguson ), Curran ( Stewart ), Dickson, Thompson

Not a great performance, but we were very comfortable, many thought we played crap, but I think they're being a bit harsh, maybe my expectations are lower, but I thought we were ok, some nice moves and we were never really in danger.


Kris Lindsay (if he keeps fit, he really is The Future)
O'Kane (still pulls out too often for me, but great cross for the goal and worked hard)
Dickson: Works tirelessly, great at holding up, controlling the ball, turning, and running at defences, maybe a mini-Spike?
Mouncey/ Ervin combining down the right in the 1st half, less so in the second
Cheapish pints
Being able to drink pints outside in the sun on the terraces while watching the game, more please


Curran: Jury's out. Set pieces awful. A poor man's O'Kane. If he can't play LM, he shouldn't have been signed
Maccers: off the pace, ineffectual
Thompo: Not running for him at the minute, wrong options chosen, loses possession too easily
DJ's substitutions: STOP PLAYING STEWART ON THE LEFT WING. And moving our best striker to the right wing.
9 quid in.

I managed to film Kris Lindsay's winning goal here:

That's us all but qualified for the Quarter Finals now. Was nice to be back.

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