Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Signing

Damien Curran signs, on a 3-year full-time contract.

Photos of the fella also, on the official site.

Apparently a player who can play anywhere across the middle, but prefers CM or LM, I can only imagine we're going to play him predominantly on the left, as Maccers, Gaulty, Mulgrew and Downey when he gets back have CM sorted. I'm not convinced tbh, but Newry fans speak very highly of him.

A big hand for the Players' Fund, whose tireless fundraising provided the money for the (reported) £10000 transfer fee.

Other less pleasing rumblings surrounding Linfield FC have been emerging from various sources over the last few days. Of course, it has to do with the new National Stadium, Linfield's long-term contract with the IFA, and the willingness of the latter, combined with the NI Assembly and the NIO, to waggle their way out of the contract. A long drawn-out fight seems to be on the cards. Cue accusations of financial msimanagement, attempts to reduce Windsor's capacity by any means as to render it unsuitable for international football, all sorts of restrictions and Health and Safety demands that would not be applied elsewhere, etc etc. Interesting times ahead.

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