Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Linfield on the WWW

Mate in Berlin, Endi, found this on the web today and sent me it, it's an article in German about Linfield, I'll translate it here:

Linfield yet again

The best football club in Europe are called FC Linfield Belfast... they won their national championship for the 52nd [sic] time this year, more often than any other club in Europe...

...update: OK, I found out more. In the text beside the badge on Wikipedia, it states that Linfield, with "more than 200 trophies - 46 of those league championships alone", are the most successful team in the world. I can't be bothered counting out the exact number of championships [le: I put him right :) ], it's a lot. What is interesting is that as well as League and Cup, there are 6 other competitions stuffing the calenders of Irish footballers.

Like I said, it's now 47, 52 will take another 5 years :)

There's also an interesting interview (in German) that derStandard in Austria did with Michael Boyd, IFA Community Relations Officer, about the IFA's Football For All scheme and attempting to eradicate sectarianism in the Irish League and for the national team. I can't be assed translating it here, maybe later. The most interesting part for Linfield fans is here:

derStandard.at: Can Windsor Park (home stadium of the national team, but also of Linfield Belfast with a staunchly loyalist fanbase) offer a welcoming environment to Catholic fans for Norn Iron games at the moment?

Boyd: Yes!

: Is it foreseeable that a neutral anthem will be played before international matches, instead of the British National Anthem?

Boyd: Yes.

In other news, Linfield are apparently in for Damian Curran from Newry City. Doesn't inspire me, we don't REALLY need a CM who can also play LM. What inspires me even less is DJ's apparent comment that other than Curran the Blues do not have "a specific transfer target". That can't be serious. We're crying out for a new centre-half. Leaving successful teams to go stale by not adding quality reinforcements in close seasons has been our downfall before.

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