Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crusaders 2 Linfield 1

IPL Matchday 17, Saturday 13th November 2010, Seaview.

Scorer: Garrett
Attendance: 1407

Match highlights (UTV)

Match report and photos (Analogue Boy)

I was at this one. And...we got what we deserved from the game. Referee was a joke, three of theirs should have walked before half time, Garrett might have second half, I have no idea what that drop ball was about, but the Crues still deserved to win.

WE played right into Captain C*nto's hands all day, I can't remember our players running at him once, Thompson won his first header against him in injury time.

2nd half was a good game of football, apart from our team's inability to pass a ball. Our midfield went missing, Gault was playing centre forward for the last 20 minutes ffs. Every one of our substitutions made the team worse. Curran was woeful, he's just far too slow and ponderous. Carvill did nothing, ditto Munster. We lost all shape, everyone just piled forward for the pointless long ball, Garrett was forced to drop really deep but had no outlet, it was just a bad day at the office.

The Grove Tavern and Crues social club were empty too. Quite a few boys without tickets, but they were selling them at the gate, what is the point of these ridiculous H&S restrictions?

I'm a scud. We're lucky the Glens are playing so crap at the minute (2-0 loss at home to the Swifts) and that the rest of the league is so so poor.


1 Linfield 17 37
2 Glentoran 17 32
3 Crusaders 17 32

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