Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thompson to Stockport?

As reported on the BBC and in the Bel Tel.

Well, after 44 goals last season and doing the running of 2 strikers, as well as a first international goal and 2 goals in the Cup Final, it was to be expected, especially with him entering into the last year of his contract. We shouldn't stand in his way, he deserves a crack at English full-time football.

Should he sign in the next week, or even tomorrow, it leaves us with ZERO strikers for the biggest games of our season, the Champions League qualifiers. Since the turn of the year:

January - DJ foolishly let Stephen Garrett leave 'cos he said he wanted to leave'. As he wasn't get a look-in due to Ferguson's undropability.

April - Adamson leaves, Linfield seemingly too big a challenge, his face not fitting in the dressing room, apparently not the tight personality for DJ's Linfield.

May - Dickson leaves, a lifelong Blueman remember, but seemingly the wrong personality, not helped by being woefully off-form for much of the season and constantly being played out of position at RW, a victim of his own success from the previous season and not getting a look-in due to Ferguson's undropability at CF.

June - Tommy Stewart declines a new contract offer and signs for Derry (one game, one goal, one assist thus far) after having seemingly the wrong personality, and being constantly played out of position at LM, not getting a look-in due to Ferguson's undropability... you get the picture.

Now for Europe, Ferguson is yet again unavailable as this is the only time of year he can book Disneyland, which left us with Thompson. Oh, and McSkimmon (first team appearances - one).

There is only one man to blame for the position we find ourselves in, Fearless Leader, the folically-challenged, pie-loving one. Short-term success and blinding devotion to Ferguson in his quest for the 600 is obviously valued greater than long-term dominance and development. Bravo, DJ.

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