Sunday, May 25, 2008

Contract Update


Mark Dickson - to the Crues, despite being offered a new deal

Tim Mouncey - to Portadown, despite being offered a new deal. See a pattern emerging?

Tommy Stewart - probably - been offered a new contract and asked to mull it over, but still hasn't decided. Glentoran, Glenavon and Derry City are waiting in the wings, and it'll be a disgrace if he goes.


Jamie Mulgrew - signed a new 3-year deal. The only piece of good news this week


Stuart Addis - 2-year deal. When even Larne rejected him and many IL fans saying Addis was always good for a couple of goals a season for their team, you know the dude is dodgy and not Linfield standard.

Conor Hagan - 1-year deal, signed as a right-back cover, thus he'll be played out of his best position, Centre Midfield (ANOTHER CM). Quelle surprise. Ask Tommy Stewart, Mark Dickson, Tim Mouncey, Jamie Mulgrew, Damian Curran...

All very worrying. And apparently there's worse to come...

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