Sunday, January 20, 2008

Portadown 2 Linfield 5

New away end (thanks to Thompo for the pics)

The men who are going to win us the title again (along with Gaulty)

Irish Premier League, Shamrock Park, Saturday 19th January 2008

Team: Mannus, Ervin, O’Kane, Murphy, Lindsay (Bailie 69), Gault, Downey, McAreavey, Curran (Kearney 75), Stewart, Thompson (Ferguson 75)

Scorers: Gault, Thompson 3 (again), Stewart

Attendance: approx 1000 Bluemen

An awesome result and apparent great performance, very reminiscent of the 5-1 win away at Dungannon last season that gave us the momentum to retain our title. I'm very confident now, not least that Stewart and Lindsay are starting, and Conor Downey is seemingly back to top form.

Anyway, 2 match reports, from EBB:

Awesome result

As has been stated, the first 20/25 mins we didn't bother to turn up and probably could have been further behind.

Once we scored though, we never looked in serious danger and always looked like we had plenty in the tank, if it was needed.

Close call for me, between Gaulty and Downey for MOM. I know Peter got a hat trick and generally his play was first class, but that's just a testimony to how well those two played, to outshine him. On that form, no team in the league would have answer for a central midfield pairing of Gault and Downey, both are awesome.

I also thought Ervin had a very good game as well, and if he can keep that sort of form up, will be the regular right back.

Stewart again, showed exactly why he should be partnering Peter. The understanding is there, each of them are willing to make runs to recieve the ball and also to go over the top/down the wings to make space for others. As for the goal C'est Magnifique

This win reminds me of the 5-1 win we had last season away at Stangmore and the confidence boost that, that gave the players to kick on and storm the title. Hopefully more of the same to come

and from my text updater, Bluenose:

1st 15/20 minutes we were shite. Full of mistakes but once gaulty scored with a super strike I knew we were going to hammer them.

Mannus - Nothing much to do but his kicking at times looks suspect.

Ervin - Super game from jim.
Winkie - Did his job
Lindsay - Did his job before I asume he went off injured.
O'Kane - A few dodgy moments in the 1st half but still motm.

Downey - Played really well though he was everywhere else bar right midfield.
Maccers - Stupid mistake for there 1st goal but as the game went on he done well.
Gault - Superb. The best midfield player in Ireland.
Curran - Did ok. Came in for some unfair stick from the crowd.

Thompson - Superb. The real MOTM.
Stewart - Again, 1st half people wanted us to release him but again showed his class with a super goal.

Thompo's excellent photos as always on SSS:

Portadown (a) match photos

Match highlights here:

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