Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Institute 0 Linfield 1

Riverside Stadium

IPL, Riverside Stadium, 1st December 2007

Team: Mannus, Douglas, McShane, Gault, Murphy, Mouncey, Ferguson, Bailie, McAreavey, O’Kane (Dickson), Thompson Subs not used inc Stewart...

Scorer: Ferguson

Attendance: ca. 1000 (150 Stute?)

The big crowd builds

Out come the teams

My last game before another period of exile, and tbh, after that I won't be missing it too much . EBB summed it up more succinctly than me much sooner, so here's his comments:

Pathetic, just about sums that up.

Only two players to come out with any credit...

Michael Gault, who was awesome and Tim Mouncey. Mounce wasn't brilliant, but he put himself about and at least tried to play a bit of football.


3 points


Pat McShane, he's done
The entire defence... woeful
Maccers. Looked lost.
Delivery from crosses.
Hoooof football...


Substitutions Wtf

Spike was f****d, yet he managed to complete yet another 90 mins

Dickson comes on for O'Kane (who admittidely wasn't that good) but **** me, it was blatantly obvious that Spike (and to an extent Peter) were wrecked.... why not replace either of them or both?

We were crying out for a positive change, to get us going again... yet we get a right footed centre forward thrown on to play left midfield

All the football today, came from Institute.


It's two days since the game and I'm still too annoyed to comment. DJ predictably came out and said the pitch was hard, he'd have taken a 1-0, 3 points in the bag blablablah. Not good enough. Institute outplayed us for long periods, ok we should have had the game wrapped up early on, and missed some sitters, but as a side containing 6 full-timers, against a very average side, we simply shouldn't be labouring in such a way.

The Dougster, on his side!

Oh, and long live the Dougster, I've changed my mind, emptyhead he may be, but he tries.

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