Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Linfield 2 Distillery 1

IPL, Windsor Park, 3rd November 2007

Team: Mannus, Douglas, McShane, Gault, Murphy, Dickson, Ferguson, Bailie, O’Kane, Thompson, McAreavey (Curran 85) subs not used : Lindsay, Ervin, McCann, Stewart

Scorers: Dickson, Thompson

Couldn't be bothered writing much. This was it:

"Pretty poor show. Only real positives were the 3 points, and the fact that Conor Downey played for the Swifts today.

Still not impressed by Maccers. Dougie needs dropped.

And Malcolm is a fu cking clown."

Atticus posted a better analysis:

"Some uncomfortable truths reconfirmed.

- Our substitutes are nothing but a time-wasting exercise. Nothing else.
- Tommy Stewart's face doesn't fit. Otherwise why not get him on when one forward missed a handful of chances and the other was going through the motions?
- Maccers isn't fit. Plus ca change.
- Our full backs aren't good enough and never will be.
- For every good cross from Douglas and O'Kane, there's at least two bad ones.
- Gault can't play football.
- Ferguson doesn't like playing against tight marking. But he'll run his ass off for nothing balls going into the corner in stoppage time.
- Mannus is the best keeper in the league.
- The wrong players get scapegoated for rubbish team performances.
- Davy Malcolm is an attention-seeking tube who bottles the big decisions. Looks like he's been on a "Learn How to Play Advantage 101" course during the week, though."

Highlights here:

Probably a more entertaining game, at least until we got bored after 10 minutes at how shite it was and headed to the VL to watch Arse-ManU, was the Supporters' match. 'High'lights, including some goalkeeping classics and lethargic midfield performances, can be watched here:

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